Dangerous removals over million dollar structures?     Not a problem. We have removed 120 foot Ponderosa Pine Trees that stood directly over Large Cabins without so much as a scratch to the structure. Sixty foot Palm Trees?  Not a problem. No, we do not use booms or lift trucks. We make money the old fashion way, we earn it. The fact that we do not use salesmen, boom trucks and such simply relates to less money out of your pocket. Aesthetic Pruning? (Aesthetic: The Creation, Vocation and Appreciation Of Beauty)  Not a problem. You care about your trees and are looking for Aesthetic Pruning instead of the everyday “hack and whack” jobs that leave your tree looking bare, naked and in the end, dead. Then we are definately the tree service you are looking for. Companies we’ve worked for  Belfor General Contractors Rebuilders General Contractors Chriss General Contractors Daniels DKI General Contractors Spellacy Property Management SKS Property Management Disneyland Wilderness Tree Service New Vision Middle School Barstow School District Southern California Arborists and many many more.